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Sure we all love Shakespeare but how the heck do you DO it? 

Even the best interviewers seem to stop short when actors finally get down to the nitty gritty of technique. Just when listeners are about to discover the gold of HOW performers and directors approach the real work of Shakespeare’s text, the interview veers off. 


Victoria and Amanda wanted to create something they couldn’t find: a podcast devoted to sharing techniques so actors, educators, directors and Shakespeare fans can build an arsenal of tools to draw upon for their own work. 


Twice a month, we bring on performers who explore a tool or exercise through a live coaching. Listeners can follow along with the text or just enjoy the rare privilege of attending a live coaching with an actor encountering a monologue and new method of work. Whether we’re pulling apart text in grisly detail or whispering into a water bottle, something fascinating happens; the before and after can be quite startling!


Experts stop in every couple of episodes to share their own coaching techniques and listeners can post their methods on our website, together building a huge, international toolbox of ways to explore Shakespeare’s text in performance!

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