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ANITA Abbaraju

Ep 1: The Pointing Exercise  

Anita is a performing artist and student at Bergen County Academies. She has studied dance (ballet, jazz, musical theatre jazz, hip hop, pointe, tap, contemp/lyrical) since 2008 and has since performed in many competitions. Aside from dancing, she also plays the guitar and enjoys singing. She had so much fun working on Coaching Shakespeare because it  really pushed her out of her comfort zone as both an actor and an individual. All throughout COVID she has been especially thankful to have supportive teachers and peers who have encouraged exploration. They have taught her that making mistakes and exploring the “unknown” is part of the process. 

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Ep 2. Mrs. Stupid 

Joey Nasta (Director) is an actor, director, and writer proud to return for his second summer with Rogue Ensemble. Previously, he played Phebe in As You Like It and directed Titus Andronicus at Grant's Tomb. Upcoming this summer: playing Paris in Romeo & Juliet, and directing Into the Woods for NJ's Eccentric Theatre Company. Favorite past credits include: Orlando (Archduchess/others), Bent (Rudy), and The Dreamer Examines His Pillow (Dad) at Fordham, Sweeney Todd (Anthony) with ETC., and The Ugly Kids at the Wild Project. Joey works in fundraising at PlayCo and Ensemble Studio Theatre. B.A. in Acting/Directing from Fordham.


Joseph Nasta

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